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Real play
Real Play
  • • Mahjong has 144 tiles.
  • • There are different images on the tiles: seasons, flowers, numbers.
  • • Your aim is to match the open pairs of similar tiles and take them away.
  • • The tiles that are below others are impossible to see.
  • • You can see every image on the tiles 4 times.
  • • Free Mahjong ends when no pairs are left.
  • • It is possible to restart the round with the button ‘Shuffle’.
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In a world dominated by modern casino games with complex graphics and interesting features, some people still prefer to play a classic title that helps them relax. Free Mahjong is the perfect game for people who want to try their luck for some comfortable wins while taking a break from their everyday stressful activities. You’ll find many versions on the internet under different names such as Classic Mahjong or Mahjong Solitaire but they all follow the same rules.

Additional Info
  • • The original version of Mahjong has a 4-player gameplay.
  • • There are also other names of the game: electronic or computerized Mahjong, Shanghai Solitaire, Solitaire Mahjong.
  • • Brodie Lockard created Mahjong online in 1981.
  • • Activision's release for Macintosh, Apple IIgs and the Amiga Computer helped Mahjong gain traction in 1986.
  • • Ancient Mahjong is still a mystery.

How to play Mahjong

Before you start playing Mahjong online you should know what the main elements of this casino game are, so you don’t have any surprise when enjoying it. Usually, a set of Mahjong tiles uses 144 pieces and in the past they used to be made from ivory or bone. Some of the games you can find on the internet recreate the image of traditional tiles but, of course, they’re only digital representations.

The tiles are different and you’ll notice they have certain drawings on them, as it follows:

  • • 36 tiles split into four sets of 9 tiles which have numbers from 1 to 9 on them, showing you how many circles there are on a piece
  • • 4 sets of 9 tiles with Chinese characters on them, each symbol being a traditional representation of a number from 1 to 9
  • • 36 Bamboo tiles grouped in 4 sets of 9 tiles
  • • 16 Wind tiles
  • • 12 Dragon tiles
  • • 4 Flower tiles
  • • 4 Season tiles

The Mahjong free game is split into four rounds: preparation, building the wall, breaking the wall and the deal. The main objective is to collect sets of tiles. There are three basic sets, named Pung, Kong and Chow.

Limits applied to scores in free online Mahjong

Certain players can get huge scores and this is why some versions of Mahjong free have scoring limits. Usually, the limits in England are set to 2000 points but they can be different depending on the casino or other elements.

Where to play Mahjong

Free online Mahjong is available on many websites and people can play it with no need to make a deposit, to create an account or to download the game to their computers. For those who want to try their luck for real wins, there are lots of versions available in online casinos from all over the world.

Conclusions on this popular Chinese game

Whether you play free Mahjong or its real money version, you will see there’s a big difference between this game and the other casino games. It is more peaceful and relaxing and it will provide a well-deserved break to anyone who plays it. Although it sounds complicated and it has lots of rules, free online Mahjong is worth learning all of them.

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