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European Roulette Online: Free Play With No Registration!

European Roulette Online: Free Play With No Registration!

European Roulette is not too different from its American version but most Europeans prefer to play this version and not the other one. This game follows the same rules and looks exactly like the US-based title, so if you’ve only played that version before, you won’t have any problems getting used to the online European Roulette.

  • Video Overview
      • A very simple interface.
        There are 37 ball pockets on the wheel.
        Internal and external bets are standard.
        The maximum general bet is 1000.
        Every bet has 2 extra scores.

Additional Info

  • Has similarities with the English Roulette.
  • One of the advantages is the possibility to change the bet if you wish.
  • You can remove all the bets clicking on the button “Clear All”.
  • In European Roulette you will see a very realist animation of wheel plus ball turning.

Basic rules of the casino game

Playing European Roulette online is easy, as all you have to do is to make a choice and place a bet on it, then wait for the wheel to stop and see if you’ve won. There are many options available, so you get to choose how risky your bet will be. Here are your choices:

  • Black or Red
  • Even or Odd
  • Specific number
  • 1-19
  • 20-36

Depending on your choice, the prize can be bigger or smaller, so you’d better choose wisely because a riskier bet could make you lose your funds really fast. The temptation of a more valuable win can make you lose too much and you want to enjoy the game as long as possible, so be cautious when you place your bet!

European Roulette free play vs real money

The best option for any player is to play Roulette European for fun before switching to the real cash version. This way punters get used to the rules, to the return to player percentage and the overall experience offered by the casino game.

The best thing about the European Roulette free play is that you can lose all your credits and not feel sorry at all. Every loss is a lesson and you can always reset the credits amount and start over. The free version lets you enjoy this casino game for as long as you want and it helps you prepare for when you’ll want to wager real funds.

The real money version, as opposed to the free play, is riskier but it offers you a bigger satisfaction after a win. Of course, you’ll be more disappointed if you happen to lose all your funds, as there’s no way to reset the balance without investing more money but this is what makes this game interesting and exciting.

Conclusions about online European Roulette

While in the past people could only play European Roulette in land-based casinos, the internet made it easier for any player to enjoy this popular game. No matter the weather, how far the casino is from your home or how tired you are, you can always try your luck for digital coins or real money with European Roulette online.

Make your choice, get ready for some fun, and spin that wheel right away! You’ll surely have an entertaining time and maybe you will also win a big prize!

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