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Real play
Real Play
  • • It is possible to find craps tables in any land-based casino. When you see the dice it is really hard to resist temptation when you hear the cheers, screams and shouts.
  • • As a rule, the loudest players are the fans of slots, but nothing is compared to the collective excitement present at craps tables.
  • • In online craps you can wage on various outcomes: the roll, a pair of dice, or a series of rolls.
  • • Although the origin of craps is complex, there are evidences that it dates back to the Crusades.
  • • You can play craps in numerous online gaming institutions listed here.
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The craps game is very popular among punters and it can be played both in casinos and at informal places, so everyone can enjoy its features, no matter the age or the social status. Of course, you need to be at least 18 to try your luck at this casino game. The online version makes it easier for people to play the game as players can now enjoy it without leaving the house or even downloading anything to their computers.

Additional Info
  • • Bets and payouts are put in advance.
  • • Players roll two dice in turns. The one who throws the dice is known as the ‘shooter’.
  • • Players bet on various options by putting chips on the necessary parts of the layout.
  • • The shooter can bet only on the ‘Pass’ line or ‘Don’t Pass’ line.
  • • The game consists of two main rounds with the phases called ‘come-out’ and ‘point’.
  • • The come-out roll of 2, 3 or 12 is ‘craps’.
  • • 7 or 11 is known as ‘natural’.
  • • Pass Line is always a winner.
  • • If the shooter stops on any of these numbers, he gets the ‘point’ – to ‘pass’ or ‘win’.
  • • When the Don’t Pass line wins the Pass line losses and vice versa. But there is an exception- the come-out roll.

Main rules of casino craps

In land-based casinos, the craps game uses a pair of dice and the main rule is to try and guess what numbers will be drawn after each round. The online version uses a representation of a dice which, depending on the version you’re playing, will show up on the screen or will simulate a dice throwing on the table.

Although it sounds really simple, there’s more about online craps you need to know before you start playing it. If you’ve never enjoyed it before, these are the main bets you should learn:

  • • The pass line bet
  • • The don’t pass line bet

There are more than 40 other types of bets included in the craps game but if you know these 2, it is more than enough.

The pass line bet in free craps

If you choose to bet on the pass line, you should know that you can only win a prize equal to the amount of money you’ve wagered. The player who rolls the dice during this round is called a shooter. Before a shooter rolls the dice, the other punters make bets on the outcome and if the dice show a 7 or an 11, they win. If at the end of this round of craps online the amount shown on the dice totals 2, 3 or 12, the money goes to the shooter.

The rules of the don’t pass line bet

The don’t pass line bet is the opposite of the other type of bet in the craps casino game and it is often referred to as ‘betting wrong’. You actually hope that the dice will show 2, 3 or 12 and if this happens, then you win a prize that doubles your wager.

Conclusions about the casino game

Whether you play craps online for free or for real money, chances are you’ll fall in love with this casino game and you will want to try it again. Its simple rules, big winning chances, and entertaining gameplay make it one of the most popular titles in both online and land-based gambling places. Our recommendation is to enjoy free craps before you start making real bets to make sure you learn everything about it and that you are prepared to spend your own money trying to make more cash. The game can be played with no sign-up, download or deposit, so there’s nothing to worry about during the free play!

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