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Real play
Real Play
  • • It is necessary for players to choose 4- 10 numbers between 1 and 80.
  • • The numbers chosen on the empty Keno ticket on the screen are remembered by the computer automatically.
  • • The name of the numbers is ‘spots’.
  • • Usually, the more chosen number you have, the higher your winning chances are.
  • • The minimum bet is 10 cents.
  • • If the selected numbers are drawn, the player will win some prize.
  • • The results of the draw won’t make you wait and you will see them on the screen.
Online Keno Games at

Begin by depositing money into the Keno machine. To do this, you must select a bill type ($5,$10, $20, $50, $100) from the panel at the top right hand corner of the Keno screen. You can toggle through the different bill types by clicking on the panel. Once you have made your selection,deposit the bill into the Keno machine by clicking on the bill deposit area. The amount of coins within the Keno machine is based on the amount deposited and the coin denomination. The number of coins is shown in the Credit field on the left-hand side of the Keno machine. The coin denomination is set at $0.25.

Then, place a bet using the BET ONE or BET MAX buttons. If the BETONE button is selected, 1 coin will be bet per game while the BETMAX button allows for 4 coins to be bet per game.

Intermediate amounts (e.g. $0.50 and $0.75 per game) can be selected by pressing the BET ONE button multiple times.

Additional Info
  • • It can be found in the majority of online casinos and other gaming resources.
  • • Keno has attracted a lot of attention recently.
  • • This game is similar to Lotto.
  • • There are suppositions that Keno was invented in the times of Han Dynasty of Ancient China.
  • • Online Keno boasts of having the same rules as a real life game.
  • • Provides a fantastic opportunity to win as much as $100K per draw.
Play Keno Online at

Once the bet amount has been selected, choose between one and tennumbers you believe will be randomly selected by the Keno machine.To do this, simply click on the desired number in the Keno numbergrid. A number may be unselected by clicking on the same numberagain. Once you have chosen between one and ten numbers, you nowselect how many games you would like to play consecutively withthose selected numbers using the PLAY ONE, PLAY FIVE, or PLAY TENbuttons. The PLAY ONE option plays the game once, PLAY FIVE playsthe game five times, and PLAY TEN plays the game ten timesconsecutively.

Selecting either the PLAY ONE, PLAY FIVE, or PLAY TEN buttonsstarts the game. The random numbers are shown by a Keno balllanding in the space of a particular number. Any matches with theplayer's selections are shown in a flashing bright yellow. Thepayoffs are dependent on the total numbers selected by the playerand the total number of matches.

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